Two Thirds, a vibrant collection of work from practitioners working in a variety of visual styles. All the contributors are from varied walks of life, uniting to present the bounty of their personally distinct experiences.

Who we are

Andrius Lake Valkauskas

Josh Saunders

Roxanne Gatt

Edward Carvalho – Monaghan

Clio Isadora Delcour-Min 

Clelia Colantonio

Pablo Jones-soler

Cai Lunn

Kaiyee Tay

Chonthicha Fiona Wan

Charlotte Halsey

Jack Lovell

Matt Gardner

Mina Pile

Tom Green

Mary Alice Beal

Aya Arden-Clarke

May-Yan Man

Raja Lockey

Melis Malatani

Alana Kerr

Simon Santhanam